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The designer’s passion and his striving for perfection result in a sophisticated transformation of a dialogue between Asian and European contrasts focusing on textures, innovative haptics and specific closing techniques.


  • Use of leather, pure new wool or silk to re-interpret the image of workwear in an individual way offering a high quality and functional wardrobe mixing classic, high standard tailoring with innovative materials.


  • Being student of CESINE University in the Fashion Design Degree and the Luxury Brands Management and Fashion Communication; or being an alumni of those programmes.
  • organizing ability + team-minded, advanced level in cutting/sewing
  • English + German (fluent in spoken and written) basic knowledge in MS Excel/MS Word, Adobe InDesign/Illustrator


  • Duration: 3-6 months.
  • Economic Allowance negotiable

If you need more information, send me an email:

Acerca de Importante Empresa de la Moda

The Company distorts, composes and interprets a Euro-Asian context full of elegance and calmness. This new form language is ageless and unisex.

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