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– Assisting the creative director with design development
– Assisting design team during fittings to help acquire desired look
– Draping design ideas on mannequin
– Detailed flat drawing for each look
– Collages and Photoshop work
– Fabric and trim sourcing
– Beading/embellishment and inclusion on garments
– Image researching
– Maintain design studio organization
– Prepare fabric/time costing sheets from sampling to final stage development
– Keeping up to date diary/images of developments stages specific to each look
– Organising design and fabric archives
– Update studio and show inventories
– Preparing composition labels for production
– Organising sampling/show rail
– Quality control production
– Cutting of toiles, sampling and production fabrics
– Hand sewing
– Backstage dresser


  • Degree in Fashion Design or related in CESINE
  • Verbal and written English skills
  • CV, Cover Letter and Portfolio