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  1. Researching, collecting, and writing content for social media channels on Facebook, Twitter
    and Instagram.
  2. Market research on our competitors Community Management activities.
  3. Answering comments on Tripadvisor, Holiday Check and other client review webpages.
  4. Answering client quality reviews on the Hotel policies for Satisfaction And Loyal Tracking web page.
  5. Optimizing posting schedule & frequency to obtain maximum interaction and impact.
  6. Providing weekly and monthly reports on social media growth.
  7. Proactively communicating issues, opportunities, and insights to improve performance.
  8. Researching new social media/digital platforms appropriate for our hotel.
  9. Creating, designing and translating publicity campaigns, promotions, hotel descriptions and
  10. Conducting site inspections for small business meetings and individuals.
  11. Carrying out any additional Sales & Marketing tasks, depending on the trainee’s abilities.


  1. High level of English, valuable German.
  2. Student of Journalism or Marketing, Public Relations and Publicity Bachelor or Marketing and Digital Communication Master by CESINE or alumni.
  3. Minimum 3 months. Mondays to Fridays, weekends off, 8 hours per day.


  1. On the job training and access to hundreds of courses on an hospitality University.
  2. Accommodation: In a guest room to be shared with another trainee (subject to change).
  3. Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner available in the staff canteen.
  4. Bicycles are provided.

If you need more information, send me an email: