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You’ll learn your craft hands-on over the course of up to three placements – and you’ll also receive some of the best marketing training around. You will work in the areas of Brand Development and Brand Building. You could be working for a local company or a regional innovation centre, customer development or market research. There are even opportunities to work on an international assignment. Who is it for? We’re behind some the world’s most recognisable brands, but resting on our laurels isn’t going to keep us competitive. To give us that constant edge, you’ll need expert knowledge of your brands and the people who use them. We are looking for people who are analytical yet creative, with good gut instinct and who’ll be able to find ways to make our products fly off the shelves.

Focused on building leadership capability and accelerating your development, the programme involves a number of job rotations. Real roles with real responsibilities, they’ll provide fantastic insight into the organisation, continually test and develop your skills, and give you the chance to make an immediate contribution to the business.

Wherever you’re based, you’ll quickly begin to see how the functions operate closely together. And to help you better understand that interaction, you’ll often work as part of cross-functional teams.

You’ll also get involved on every level. For example, from working on the factory floor to spending time in a supermarket. As you move on, your placements get more challenging. That can mean managing larger budgets, bigger brands or more people.

Acerca de Unilever

Unilever opera en más de 190 países y se define como una multinacional multilocal multicultural con mercados en todo el mundo. En Unilever ponemos el conocimiento y la experiencia internacional al servicio del consumidor local. Además, la compañía tiene el compromiso de actuar de un modo responsable con la sociedad. Todos y cada uno de los países en los que operamos tienen su propia cultura y tradiciones. Respetar estas diferencias sin imponer un único punto de vista global es el principal planteamiento de nuestro negocio, reflejado en el desarrollo de nuestras marcas, que representan una mezcla de las que tienen éxito a nivel mundial con las llamadas joyas locales, que captan especialmente los gustos y los hábitos de cada lugar.