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Our Publisher Acquisition Manager daily goal is to approach new potential customers using all the tools company has provided to him/her. This person is responsible of representing Adcash professionally in leading and running negotiation phases during no matter what sales process. Publisher Acquisition Manager is focusing on client’s satisfaction from first approach until the client is active and stable. Publisher Acquisition Manager has a high stress-tolerance in customer care professional service

Required Skills:

  • 2- 3 years’ experience in previous experience online advertising environment, digital media or online marketing (in U.S)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Ability to make decisions with little or no guidance, to keep information confidential & work in stressful environment
  • Ability to work in a team-oriented, client-focused environment
  • Proven successful negotiation skills 


Adcash is an international advertising network that delivers billions of ad units each month reaching several millions of people around the globe. With a strong focus on the entertainment vertical, the network’s portfolio currently comprises over 150 000 websites that benefit from the company’s successful partnerships with a number of leading brands. The strength of the Adcash platform lays in its cutting edge ad delivery technology and advanced internal tools.


Acerca de AdCash

Founded in 2007, Adcash is a technology-driven advertising network, that delivers high performing solutions to online publishers and brand advertisers globally. Each month, Adcash serves 20 billion ad impressions around the world on all major desktop and mobile devices. With Adcash, publishers are able to monetize their digital content with relevant ad campaigns at industry-leading rates. For Advertisers, Adcash provides the reach they need to engage with their target audience across a network of top-tier publishers, worldwide. Whether in our headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia or in one of our branch offices in France, Bulgaria, Mexico or Spain, our diverse and experienced team works tirelessly to ensure you get the best results.