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  1. Entering invoices into Navision
  2. Assisting in cash count and daily cash balance audit
  3. Supporting the internal order procedures
  4. Negotiation with suppliers
  5. Ordering merchandise from suppliers
  6. Receiving and controlling of merchandise
  7. Inventory
  8. Stock control
  9. Assisting in HACCP control


  1. High level of Spanish and English.
  2. Student of Management Bachelor or MBA Master by CESINE or alumni.
  3. Minimum 6 months. Mondays to Fridays, weekends off, 8 hours per day.


  1. On the job training and access to hundreds of courses on Hilton University.
  2. Accommodation: In a guest room to be shared with another trainee (subject to change).
  3. Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner available in the staff canteen.
  4. Bicycles are provided.

If you need more information, send me an email:

Acerca de Hotel 5 Estrellas Lider

As a Trainee in the Administration department you have the opportunity to build up an understanding of the operations within the luxurious hospitality environment. Specifically, you will be assisting the Head of Department in performing different tasks.