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  • Create impact with your in-depth expert knowledge about clients needs during the whole project
  • Support teams during the process of defining and design digital products and services
  • Perform a user-centered research, generate hypotheses to validate/refute, interpret and translate results into actionable recommendations from a product point-of-view
  • High knowledge and analysis of clients, non-clients, competitors. Focusing on exploratory research and validation research
  • Develop and create dashboards and self-service analysis tools for the business. Able to create and apply guerrilla-testing tactics when necessary.
  • Design, manage and carry out research activities focused on the user (qualitative and quantitative) that will guide decision making in terms of product, UX, design, etc.
  • Communicate research development, findings and relevance


  • Bachelor Honours in Advertising, Marketing Communications and Public Relations or a Master in Marketing at CESINE