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  • Following pricing, selling and yielding strategies for rooms (all market segments)
  • Collecting and analyzing market intelligence
  • Revenue analysis & tracking
  • Assisting on budgeting and forecasting processes
  • Helping managing FIT allotments and evaluating changes in conditions
  • Rate & inventory loading in all available channels
  • Use of efficient restriction methods per channel
  • Displacement analysis for groups, tour series and airline crew requests
  • Maximizing results through available electronic distribution channels by keeping correct inventory and rate levels
  • Keeping up to date knowledge of main competitors & marketplace
  • Rate parity verifications. Responsibilities
  • Knowledge of SOP’s in order to provide the highest possible standard of service. All this in consultation with the direct manager
  • Performing other functional activities and following up on every reasonable request by the management.


  • 396€.
  • Lodging/ or not.
  • Meals on duty.
  • Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Brussels


  • Fluent English.
  • Student of Bachelor or Master by CESINE or alumni.

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