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Objectives of the internship and abilities to be developed:
The purpose of this internship is to build a google map Amadeus payment cartography showing by country which merchant/airline are using which payment products & methods of payments, with which payment provider/acquirers based on live production traffic. This will allow demonstrating our worldwide coverage to potential customers in an interactive and automated way. It would replace our world map nowadays built by hand by our business area.

The main principle is that by zooming, more and more information is shown on the map by country: payment providers only then + payment products, then + method of payments, then + merchants.

Required skills:
    • This is an ambitious subject as you will have to go through the different steps of the software development (from technical analysis to final implementation and testing) on top of the overall functionalities used on Amadeus Payment Platform.
    • You are interested in information gathering.
    • English
    • Building Relations
    • Communication
    • Programming languages – C++
    • Programming languages – Python
    • Web Technology

Acerca de Amadeus

Amadeus es una compañía de orden mundial cuyo objetivo es producir las mejores soluciones tecnológicas que impulsen los resultados empresariales de nuestros clientes. Nuestras aspiraciones se resumen en este lema: queremos ser más brillantes, innovadores y eficaces. Amadeus influye en cada etapa de la cadena de servicios de viajes, y nuestros equipos trabajan e interactúan entre sí y con nuestros clientes para respaldar sus objetivos empresariales en todo el mundo.